Annual Fund


Cardinal Mooney Catholic Annual Fund

Cardinal Mooney is currently in the midst of our 2016-2017 Annual Appeal. Below is a copy of the letter that went out to families who have donated in the past and/or we have a good address for on file. If you did not receive a letter this year but would like to in the future, please update your contact information here. If you would like to make a donation, please contact Dan Kilian, Director of Advancement, at or by phone at 810-765-8825.


“Without the incredible support of our community, Cardinal Mooney wouldn’t be where it is today.” -  Sister Karen Lietz

There is no doubt that the families in the Cardinal Mooney Catholic community are what set us apart from other schools. Your passion for and commitment to Catholic education are to be commended. As a donor, you have made a tremendous impact on our students and the future of CMC.

That is why we humbly ask you to donate to our Annual Fund. A donation to our Annual Fund is the single most important donation you can make to ensure the success of Cardinal Mooney.   For example, your donation:

  • Provides the ability to repair any issues that arise with the building throughout the school year.
  • Supports scholarships to ensure students receive the opportunity for Catholic education.
  • Allows us to retain and add professional teachers and staff.

The health of our Annual Fund does not rely on large donations. In fact, if everyone donated $25 to our Annual Appeal, we would receive $30,000! Imagine the difference that money would make for our school.

We are unique and are one of only three vicariate high schools in the state of Michigan. What makes a vicariate high school different is that a vicariate high school is not supported by an order or parish.  Order schools like Brother Rice (Congregation of Christian Brothers of Ireland) and Regina (Sisters of St. Joseph, Third Order of St. Francis) are both governed and financially subsided by their religious order.  Parish schools like Shrine High School (National Shrine of the Little Flower Church) and Cabrini High School (Cabrini Parish) are operated and financially subsided under the parish.    Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School represents all Blue Water Vicariate parishes as the vicariate high school and functions under the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Detroit.  However our school is 100% financially responsible for its own operations, covering expensing through tuition and donations.

We are aiming for 100% participation from our families who are receiving this letter.   Currently we have 100% participation from our staff and are asking the same from you!  Whether you can only donate $1 or $1,000, the difference is made from the volume of donations we receive to this fund. This year’s Annual Appeal will close on June 1st. We are counting on you to help make it a success!

We thank you in advance for helping Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School continue in its mission to prepare young men and women to be compassionate, responsible, faith-filled Disciples of Christ. The opportunities that you help create for our students unlock a brighter future for them. As a supporter of Catholic education, we hope that you will consider a donation.

Yours in Education, with Christ,

Dan Kilian (’05), Director of Advancement

Jason Petrella, Principal