Clone of Home


Welcome  to Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School!  CMC is committed to providing you with the best quality education possible.

As a community of faith and service, we proclaim the gospel by teaching and preserving the doctrines and traditions of the Catholic Church in an environment of academic excellence.

At Cardinal Mooney, we offer an excellent college preparatory curriculum to the families we serve.  We respond to the call of local parishes to meet the command of Jesus to teach all nations and to assist parents in their unique responsibility to educate their sons and daughters in the areas of faith and morals, to live the Gospel.

We teach students the full truth, relating life issues to God, the author of life.  We present the revelation God has given His people along with the academics that other schools provide.  These truths are like pillars on which the lives of the students are built.  The foundation for a lifelong faith is laid.

The ministry of the Catholic school teacher is to be a special witness to Gospel values.  A teacher sends a message to a future time that he or she might never see.  The Catholic school teacher does all of this at a personal expense and with a high degree of self-giving.

Our responsibility is to help students to adopt a critical attitude toward consumerism, racism, sexism and all the other “isms” that threaten our world; and to take on the dream of Jesus where all people will live in peace and justice.  

Our Motto: "Enter to Learn; Leave to Serve," emphasizes all that Cardinal Mooney believes and teaches.

- Cardinal Mooney - September 1958