Please Pray For ...

Please Pray For...

Rose Bozenska (D), Great-Grandmother of John and Nicole Zawadzinski

Patricia Nikkel, Grandmother of Sydney

Gordon Stein, Father of Mr. Petrella

Samia Francis (D), Grandmother of Hani, Paul and Peter Nasr

Bernhard Bastian (D), Grandfather of Nicholas Bastian

Elaine Theut (D)

Albert Roulo

Deacon William Schmitz (D)

Nicholas Baravik (D)

Paul Denean (D)

Susan Doughterty

Francisca Gill, Grandmother of Thomas Gill

Sally Desmarais

Allan Kilian (D), Uncle of Mr. Dan Kilian

Lilly Lee, Grandmother of Thomas Wheaton

Joseph Schafer (D)

Holly Francis, '95

James T. Downey (D), Grandfather of Jimmy Downey

Marylou McDonald, Mother of Mrs. Meyers

Jane Norr, Aunt of Mr. James Kelley

Nancy Kelley, Mother of Mr. James Kelley

Sun Jing (D), Aunt of Vivian Sun

Roberta Brown (D), Grandmother of Evan and Morgan Sinelli

Milton Lester (D), Grandfather of Cole Tite

James Devereaux (D), Uncle of Jack Maben

Irene Kilian (D), Grandmother of Mr. Dan Kilian

Dawn Hamer and Family, Aunt of Rory Jones

Fr. George Askar, Jr. (D), Uncle of Jenna Stoldt

Jim Bates (D)

George Thurman (D), Uncle of Rebekah and Sarah Kehoe

Gary Stoldt, Sr. (D), Grandfather of Jenna Stoldt

Shirley DeWulf (D), Grandmother of Mrs. Lazar

Bailey Rehfus (D), Niece of Kyla Monette

John Schrader (D) and the Schrader Family, Father of Montana

Tim Marshall (D), Uncle of Eric and Richard Marshall

Jacqueline Commyn, CMC Sophomore

Mike Reddington

Craig Chadra (D), Father of Luke Chadra

Aileen Rogus, Grandmother of Ethan Rogus

Ken Rosemeck, Father of Ms. Rosemeck

Josie Haddon, Mother of Ms. Danielle Haddon

Kimberly Trapiss-Palmierei (D) - Aunt of Dozzio and Dino Trapiss

Sister Geraldine Arnold CSJ (D)

Mr. Bob Peterson, husband of Mrs. Karen Peterson

Sister Peggy Manners

Sister Karen Lietz

Kelly Zichi

Friends and Family of Cardinal Mooney Catholic