Summer Enrichment




Any student who successfully completes one of the following project choices will be able to use the Summer Enrichment Certificate to raise a quarter grade in any class non AP or HONORS Course once. For example, the quarter grade would be raised from a B+ to an A- or from a C to a C+.

The completed project must be handed in to the teacher of the project chosen on or before Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

Important Information

*You may earn only one certificate for the 2018-2019 school year and that certificate must be used for the current school year.  In other words, students may not keep certificates and apply them to the subsequent year classes.

*Summer Enrichment Certificates MAY NOT be applied to Advanced Placement or Honors Classes.

*If you have accumulated more than one Summer Enrichment Certificate, you may only use one certificate per subject per semester. For instance, if you apply one Summer Enrichment Certificate to math in the first quarter, you may not apply another certificate until the next semester.

*All summer enrichment projects should be turned into the teacher of the subject you chose on or before Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 for grading and credit.

*Any student who attends an academic summer camp through an accredited institution is also eligible for a Summer Enrichment Certificate. If you are unsure if a camp you are attending would count, check with the principal at the beginning of the summer.

Read through the following descriptions for summaries of the projects.




Students will create an in-depth exploration of a particular design concept. Students will create five pieces of art that will stress a coherent idea or concentration. Each piece can hold its own, but work best as a unit. Students must use at least three elements of art (color, value, form, shape, line, texture) and two principles of design (Balance, Proportion, Rhythm, Emphasis, Unity) in their work and their artwork must be accompanied by a 250 word artist statement, describing the artwork they produced and why they chose that certain concentration. Students may choose their own media, however the surface size must be 11" x 14" or greater. No image can be lifted from a source that’s copyright protected without being adjusted to the point of non- recognition.


SOCIAL STUDIES (choose one)

Japanese American Internment: Students will make a poster board or PowerPoint and discuss the effects of internment on Japanese Americans. Items to be included on the board: community effects, effects on family, on mental health, physical health, economic/financial status, emotional effects. Board should include written detail along with pictures, maps, and other relevant information.

Three Branches of Government: Students will analyze and understand the three branches of government including the responsibilities of each branch and how the three work together. Students will analyze and understand the basic roles of our government and how the “checks and balances” idea works in the United States.



Students will engage in reading about real-life events and diverse narratives surrounding the Vietnam War and Chinese immigrant families. The main objective is for students to critically analyze the narratives and construct creative projects displaying their understanding of the reading.


MATH (choose one)

Show Me the Money – stock trading simulation. You will research and simulate participating in the stock market for one month.

Car Loan Assignment - Decide on a car to buy. You must research to make sure you are getting the best deal.



Students will read about real-life events of France and French in the early years of the German occupation, during the WWII. The main objective for students is to understand the historical context in which the events take place and analyze the characters and the circumstances under which they develop throughout the story. Students may read the first novel entitled Storm in June or the second Sweet and complete one of the assignments.



Students will read the book appropriate to their grade level and gain a better understanding or appreciation of Spanish history and culture.



There is so much to our world beyond what we can see with our eyes. Everywhere there is a microscopic world that has changed altered the course of history. In the last couple of centuries we have made tremendous strides in our knowledge of that microscopic world around us and it is that understanding that has changed the way we view the world around us and enabled us to develop the advanced technologies we see today. For this project you will be researching molecules that have changed the course of history. You will be to research the historical aspects of this molecule, such as its discovery and uses, as well as its chemical make-up.



Students must run in three 5K events. Student must bring in their registration form and bib number as proof. Students must write a one page reflection about their experiences running in the three 5K events.