Textbooks / Book Exchange Program

CMC Textbook Exchange Program

2018-2019 Book List


Cardinal Mooney Catholic offers its students an opportunity to participate in CMC’s Book Exchange Program to help curtail some of the costs of buying new textbooks.

Students who wish to participate in this program must pay a $25 fee to the office, with the donated/requested books form filled out and returned. They will also be required to physically donate any books which they would like to exchange.

The CMC Book Exchange Program will offer students credit to receive their next year’s textbook from that same content area. For example, giving a Geometry book would allow that student to receive an Algebra II book at no charge. The books will be rated when they are given, and a book of similar quality will be provided. E.g., a Spanish I book of fair quality would earn a credit towards a Spanish II book of fair quality.

Books given for non-core content areas/electives can be exchanged for books from other non-core content areas/electives. For example, a Health book can be given and a Sociology book could be received if the Sociology class is being taken as an elective.

Exceptions to the CMC Book Exchange:

  • Workbooks and novels will not be eligible (these must be purchased)
  • Online book fees are not eligible
  • St. Joseph's Weekday Missals are not eligible (these must be purchased; can be used through 2029)

The exchange will take place at the end of the school year. Seniors who wish to donate textbooks to the program are welcome to do so. However, no compensation will be given in return. These must be textbooks that will be used in the following school year.

Freshman may purchase textbooks from CMC’s inventory on a first-come, first-serve basis. Text books that are not available can be purchased from any online textbook company. ISBN numbers will be supplied.

Thank you for your help in making this program a success!